"With this album, Philippe Devaux signs his first recording with a homage to Milosz Magin, his teacher who, over time, became his spiritual father.

First Prize-winner of the Magin Competition in 1995 and award-holder of the Cziffra Foundation, this brilliant French pianist, has already had the opportunity to prove his talent and reveal his exceptional temperament during his Parisian recitals and, in particular, at the Salle Gaveau. Often invited, especially in Poland, Romania, Turkey and the United States, he achieves, beyond our frontiers, constantly renewed successes with a repertoire that he so wisely affirms for the joy of his listeners. This repertoire extends from Scarlatti to Milosz Magin with, obviously, a journey through Chopin.

The order of oeuvres for this first album is a judicious choice. Philippe Devaux demonstrates perfectly the breadth and richness of Milosz Magin's different musical styles. We discover folklore-inspired dances in the 'Polish triptych', impressionist echoes in 'images of children' whilst passing through a surprising 'Tango' to end with an impressive 'Sonata No. 2' that takes your breath away. Everything is here. This progression may surprise many a listener. Such a programme not only requires a flawless technique, but above all a great sensitivity. Qualities shown by Philippe Devaux.
Having worked on some of these oeuvres with his Master, this outstanding pianist approaches them with undeniable assurance. Nevertheless, he does not want to copy them, but dares here to render a truly personal interpretation.

The sound recording is magnificent, the presentation both sober and elegant and the price is attractive. Above all, the album is a revelation of the talent of Philippe Devaux who, as Milosz Magin stressed 'will soon take his place amongst the best pianists of our time'. This album, distributed from February onwards in Europe, Canada and Japan will undoubtedly obtain the success it deserves. Two tracks from the album (XXX and XXX) will appear on a compilation distributed world-wide by the English company BBW."

Review Gazeta
"Les Amis de la musique polonaise" (Polish music)


"After studying the piano and composition in Poland, Milosz Magin (1929-1999) won numerous international competitions (in particular L-T and Chopin). He never abandoned, however, composition and after his death he left an important number of works. The piano pieces that make up this first volume exude a direct charm as well as a certain nostalgia: a language whose departure point seems to be that of Chopin's Mazurkas, enriched and broadened with deliciously acidic dissonances, that may well evoke the simplicity of child nursery rhymes (the pleasantly suggestive 'Child Images'), or the ripeness of Stravinsky. A somewhat eclectic work that clearly brings out the great virtuosity of its interpreter (the very beautiful 'Sonata No. 2) where we also note the influence of Poulenc (and not only that of the Eight Polish Songs!), of Bartok or of Ravel. With this album, PD who won the 1995 Magin Piano Competition and whom the composer considered as one of his disciples pays honour to this inventive and always accessible work."

Review Piano Le Magazine
By Nicolas Duplessis-Southon


 "A surprising Philippe Devaux. His career is marked by precocity : did he not enter the Reims Conservatory at the age of 5 to obtain a First Prize at 17. Brilliant, exceptional, Philippe Devaux is a Prizewinner of the Cziffra Foundation and holder of the First Prize of the Milosz Magin International Competition. In homage to the latter, at once master, teacher and spiritual father, Philippe Devaux has just recorded Volume 1 of the piano oeuvre of Milosz Magin, a musical journey demonstrating the richness of the composer's styles.The new album also reveals the flawless technique of Philippe Devaux, his sensitivity and the undeniable personal touch of a magnificent interpreter."

Review VRI (Ville de Reims Informations)
By Jean-Paul Machetel