Philippe Devaux Neutral, cautious,conventional, are not the traits which could describe the pianist Philippe Devaux.
A first piano lesson at the age of three, as unexpected as the uniqueness of his playing, a wide repertoire covering Scarlatti to Magin, a decisive encounter with two giants of piano, the hongrian legendary Gyorgy Cziffra (1921-1994), and the great french-polish pianist Milosz Magin (1929-1999), a significant recognition as he received the title of Laureate of the Cziffra fundation and won the prestigious First Grand Prize in the Magin Piano International Competition in 1995, are all strong to show the evidence of Philippe Devaux's musical story-telling style.
Iconoclastic, intense, indwelt, he has always chosen to roll back the limits imposed by the musical establishment and to breathe new life into the music performance, but without prejudicing the composer’s musical intentions.
It was obvious that Philippe Devaux could easily practise musical improvisation, shaped by his particular inclination for the Romantic period, and above all Chopin, and in addition by his taste for all music genres. But the music was not his only inspiration : by closing your eyes, it’s also possible to read fine Russian Literature, to admire a beautiful painting, and even to attend a romantic theatrical presentation.
As affirmed by the famous critic Josef Kanski, “Philippe Devaux is definitely a top pianist”.
With his girlfriend Diana Amichaud, art-loving too, they opened Serenade Cabaret in Wien (Austria), a new concept where various artistic styles, in a place looking like Montmartre, and where they serve delicious french cuisine and wines.